[Behind the Scenes] F1’s Lewis Hamilton & Jenson Button – Fashion Photographers

Jenson Button Video clip Ranking: five / five

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25 Responses to “[Behind the Scenes] F1’s Lewis Hamilton & Jenson Button – Fashion Photographers”

  1. Simranhanna27 says:

    Man these two are two rocking Drivers! nd Photographers ! Lolss!:DD

  2. dazaw850i says:

    think jenson & lewis should take over top gear 

  3. sasafarov says:

    Формула-1 пилоты гоночной команды Макларен чемпионы мира Льюис Хэмилтон и Дженсон Баттон пришли на фотосессию

  4. courcan1 says:

    1:05 cutest part lol

  5. courcan1 says:

    this is so cute aww

  6. ianrkav says:

    @IssyKnowsYourSecrets Are you referring to the ‘Alex’ comment? It’s the upload on your channel!

  7. IssyKnowsYourSecrets says:

    @ianrkav I have no idea what you said/mean

  8. ianrkav says:

    @IssyKnowsYourSecrets Who’s Alex? That was a bloody good review (demolition) of Twilight:-)

  9. IncognitoFloyd says:

    Lewis: “Hummm”


  10. ianrkav says:

    @IssyKnowsYourSecrets Charlotte W and Eve Delf! Ok, so now it’s just a question of what the ‘W’ stands for:-)
    (I was kidding about Eve being a snob!)

  11. ianrkav says:

    @IssyKnowsYourSecrets Actually when I look closer I’m guessing she’s still a kid, maybe 16!

  12. ianrkav says:

    @IssyKnowsYourSecrets I thought that would get your attention:-))

  13. IssyKnowsYourSecrets says:

    @ianrkav No she’s not

  14. IssyKnowsYourSecrets says:

    @ianrkav No she’s just on the same agency as me, umm no she’s not 21

  15. ianrkav says:

    Eve is a snob:-))

  16. ianrkav says:

    @IssyKnowsYourSecrets Nonsense:-) Kate Moss was known globally at 18! Giselle Bundchen was too. And so was Alessandra Ambrosio. Oh and the stylist here, Valentine Fillol-Cordier is also a model (and DJ) and was well known at 18 too:-)
    How old is she anyway? She looks like a self assured 21yo here. Do you know her personally or something?

  17. IssyKnowsYourSecrets says:

    @ianrkav there’s a reason her last name isn’t revealed, she’s still pretty young to be well known globally

  18. ianrkav says:

    @IssyKnowsYourSecrets Then why become a model if you don’t want to be known!:-))

  19. IssyKnowsYourSecrets says:

    @ianrkav I do…umm I’m not sure she’d appreciate my handing it around :L

  20. ianrkav says:

    @IssyKnowsYourSecrets Charlotte’s the sexy one here. What’s her second name? Do you know?

  21. andyhemes says:

    @ianrkav Lewis blowing on the lens of the camera, you wipe a lens with a cloth not blow on it as it gets more dirty

  22. ianrkav says:

    @xxSonicMonkeyxx What, she’s still a schoolie!? What’s she studying?

  23. ianrkav says:

    @IssyKnowsYourSecrets Is Charlotte a scouser?

  24. ianrkav says:

    @andyhemes Why?

  25. andyhemes says:

    as a photographer 1.16 enrages me!