Jenson Button whose real name is Jenson Alexander Lyons Button was born in the year 1980 on 19th January.

He is a British Formula One driver and is currently in a contract with McLaren. His love for cars, being behind the wheel and driving fast was not a recent thing to have happened to him. His interest and love arose when he was just a child. When he was eight years of age Jenson Button started karting and did not have to wait long to be successful in it.

Carrying it forward from here he progressed to car racing for the British Formula Ford Championship and then the British Formula Three Championship. In the year 2000, for the first time Jenson Button got the feel of being a part of the Formula One breed of drivers and then at that time he was with the Williams team. Starting from here he went on to serve a number of teams like Benetton in 2002 which was later known as Renault, then he drove for the BAR in the year 2003 who later went on to be named Honda for the 2006 season. And this was also the time when Jenson Button after 113 races finally won his first Grand Prix in Hungary.

Like every sportsman has to go through ups and downs in his career, Jenson Button did too. This came in the year 2008, but he soon came out of it and was back on the racing track in the year 2009. Then there was no stopping this lover of speed. He went on to win six of the first seven races he took part in, in the year 2009 and won many titles and accolades for it. In 2011, Jenson Button was the runner up to Sebastian Vettel.