The McLaren driver has expressed his opinion that defeating the Mercedes steam in the new season will not be an easy task.

He believes that Mercedes will maintain their position as the formula 1 favorite in 2017 and it will take an extraordinary amount of effort for rival to beats them.

Button believes that the new formulations being introduced into the formula 1 might even go a long way to play to the team’s strength and consolidate their superiority even more. He believes that the extra drag created by the high down force F1 regulations newly introduced for the 2017 season will probably favor the Mercedes teams.

He made the statement at the race of champions being held in Miami where he was set to compete against other Formula 1 stars both past and present from, David Coulthard, Pascal Wehrlein, Felipe Massa, and Vettel Sebastian.

“For anyone to catch Mercedes is a big ask, it really is, they’ve been so strong the last three years. Nobody knows with completely different regulations” he said.

“With the way the regulations are now, there’s a lot more drag. So you need massive amounts of power, which Mercedes seems to have. I think if anyone challenges them, then they’ll have done a great job over this winter,” he said.

He reiterated that if anyone could come so close as to contend with the team, then they would have had a really impressive performance.

Buitto, who had stepped back from his seat at the steering wheel to a more representative and ambassadorial position with the McLaren team in the new season, has high hopes that with the new regulations being introduced to the F1, the predictable nature of the sport would be brought to an end and the F1 would be brought out of its rut.