Jenson Button To Drive His Dream Vehicle Yet Again

Jenson Button and his fans know about the Brawn GP chassis which has been award winning in F1 championship races.

This legendary auto part will get back on the field when the Goodwood Festival of Speed is held in June. Called Chassis 002, it is one of the three BGP 001s that were built during the year 2009. It originally belonged to Ross Brawn, the team chief. He then joined the Honda team as the Japanese manufacturer moved out of F1. The chassis was then sold to Mercedes in the next year.

Jenson used the chassis all through the season in 2009 when he won maximum accolades and titles. Jenson would be riding it again in the forthcoming season and he is excited about it. As per Jenson, the car has been taken down and rebuilt. It has not appeared in public since the last time he rode it. He is happy that Goodwood would be the event when he would show off the car. Jenson admits that F1 races get you attached to your vehicle. This particular chassis has been much discussed and it has a legendary history associated with it.

The car needs to be prepared accordingly. As per Brawn, it is being prepared for the upcoming run by the team at D3 Racing Solutions. The mechanics on the team are some who had worked on the vehicle in 2009. They would be there to make sure that the vehicle does a dream run again at Goodwood this year. At the Festival of Speed this celebrated vehicle would be driven up the hill by Martin Brundle, his F1 racing days behind him but still a celebrity in his own right. These are events that the fans are looking forward to eagerly which do not need to be stated.