Jenson To Be With Alonso Team

As the Australian race in the upcoming weekend of 26th March is on everyone’s minds, most people look back to the 2012 Australian Grand Prix that had proved lucky for Jenson Button.

That year he had obtained the title and it is sure that he will try and replicate the win again this season. Indeed, the 2012 season had been one of the highest anticipated events in the world of motor races.

With the Grand Prix set to resume this year, most people would have had similar expectations from Jenson, if he continued to have an active role in the McLaren team. However, he does continue to contribute to the team’s performance and brand values. He would also have an active role this year as he would stand by as a third driver for the team.

There would be several races this season that Jenson Button would attend as part of McLaren’s team. So 2017 is a year when Jenson will remain active with his team. He had stepped down by the end of 2016 after he had spent seventeen seasons and been part of five diverse teams. He retired from his position from Fernando Alonso’s team last year. However, even at that time he did not confirm his retirement. He had stated that 2017 will remain a sabbatical year in his career. When McLaren launched a new car for the season it was confirmed that Button will be a third driver for the team, remaining as a support behind Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne. He also sports an ambassador role for the team, which is something similar to Nico Rosberg, who holds the ambassador position for Mercedes. Hence, Jenson works with sponsors around the world for the team. Fans will love to see him in the circuits even if he does not take on a pivotal role in the races this year.