Triathlon in Derby by Jenson Button

The trust of Jenson Button’s triathlon is already garnering competitors from all around the world and many have signed for the tour.

The prize money which is offered is of 7,000 euro. Jenson Button will also take part in the evnt of charity which is to be held on July 12 at Markeaton Park. 2015 for the event will be the biggest grosser since both amateur and professional triathletes are taking part in it.

Sports enthusiasts from as far as Afghanistan, Germany, Mexico and Spain are taking part along with UK. The prize money which is based according to the UK sprint is the biggest so far. Division will take place of the money between the categories of age of female and the male age. More people will be involved since the triathlon will be at Derby. Two times the competitors can race as the heat is consisting of swim in the lake with 200m and from it 11km will be for cycle and then running for 2.5 km. Final will see the top performers which includes swimming of 400m, cycling of 20 km and running of 5 km. Wooden spoon race will witness runners up. (more…)

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